Maintaining Safety During Crane Hire Servicing: 3 Tips

Many industrial companies leave all aspects of crane safety to the operators that are supplied by the heavy equipment hire company. However, safety is everyone's concern, so it is important that you take an interest in the safe operation and maintenance of your crane equipment. If you do not, the health and productivity of your workers may be compromised. Below is a guide to steps you can take to ensure your workforce is kept safe while your rental crane is being serviced.

Site Meeting

All areas of your industrial unit will be affected when your hire crane undergoes scheduled maintenance. For example, the equipment stores will not need to issue as much equipment as no overhead work transporting heavy loads will be carried out. It is important that you call a daily site meeting in order to inform staff that the hire crane will be being serviced. Doing so will allow your workforce to stay clear of the area or to take extra precautions when near the crane. This awareness reduces the chance that your staff will suffer any accidents and injuries caused by tools falling on them as they move beneath the crane.

Seal off the Area

While you may inform your staff that a crane is undergoing maintenance, this isn't a guarantee that they won't wander into the work zone. You should place a road block and barriers around the work area to prevent accidental access while the crane is being serviced. Alternatively, you may decide to park other vehicles around the base of the crane to keep your workforce away.

Create a Buddy System

You should also implement a buddy system for your employees. To create a buddy system, you simply need to match your employees up into pairs. One member of each pair will act as a buddy for the other and vice versa. Tasks which a buddy may carry out include acting as a lookout and checking personal safety equipment before entering the area in which the crane is being serviced.

There is no guaranteed way that an accident will not occur when servicing operations are carried out on your rental crane. However, by taking the steps outlined above, you can help to drastically reduce any risk to the staff who work in your industrial complex. If you need to hire a crane or if you would like further advice about how to safely use a hired crane, you should contact an equipment hire company today.