4 Signs Your Work Requires a Backhoe Instead of an Excavator

Many kinds of heavy construction work are going to require dedicated digging machinery to get the job done, and there are several options from which to choose. Two of the most common are excavators and backhoes. They are both types of digging machinery, but there are a few important differences between them.

There's no definitive right answer between backhoes and excavators, but you'll generally find that one is a better fit for your own unique needs. With that in mind, here are just four signs you should pick a backhoe over an excavator.

1. You Need to Work in Smaller Spaces

Probably the most important difference between these two types of digging equipment is that excavators are much larger and heavier than backhoes. That can make them ideal for certain heavy-duty work, including mining and demolition, but the smaller and lighter footprint of a backhoe generally works better when you'll need to move through smaller spaces. You'll be able to move a backhoe around far more comfortably, even on a crowded worksite.

2. You Need to Cover Larger Distances

Compare backhoes against excavators and the first difference you're likely to notice beyond size is that the backhoe sits on wheels while the excavator moves around on tracks. Those tracks offer excavators impressive stability, but they also drastically reduce their top speed, meaning they generally cannot be driven on roads. If you'll need to cover larger distances or frequently move between different sites, a wheeled machine like the backhoe simply makes more sense.

3. You Need to Do More General Work

Both excavators and backhoes can perform a wide range of tasks and be fitted with a relatively large range of attachments. However, backhoes are likely to be more appealing if versatility is especially desired. You'll generally find that backhoes are available with a greater selection of attachment options, which means they are very good at switching between a variety of tasks. If you need a machine that can handle general as well as specialized work, the backhoe should appeal.

4. You Need to Keep Costs Down

Cost is always going to be a concern when you're looking at construction equipment, but sometimes you'll be particularly keen to keep expenses down. If so, the backhoe is likely to be more appealing than the excavator. In general, you'll find the cost of a standard excavator is much higher than a standard backhoe.

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