Are You Sitting Comfortably? Useful Seat Features For Interstate Truck Drivers

It's fair to say that interstate truck drivers are expected to deal with a fair bit of discomfort as they make their long journeys, and any piece of equipment which can improve the comfort of a long-haul truck cab is suitably highly prized. As such, specialised truck seats designed for long-distance driving can be especially useful to the interstate truck driver, and the best models have a number of features designed to further increase riding and driving comfort. Here are some of the most useful features to look out for when purchasing a new long-haul truck seat:


A degree of suspension is a vital aspect of any truck seat, and is particularly useful on interstate journeys. This suspension helps keep the driver at a level, comfortable orientation when driving around sharp bends and intersections, and absorb punishing bumps and vibration caused by potholes and other road obstacles.

Most suspended truck seats are fitted with either mechanical or pneumatic suspension, with pneumatic suspension generally being considerably more expensive. However, pneumatically suspended seats also tend to provide a smoother ride, and have greater maximum weight capacities capable of ironing out all but the most savage bumps in the road.

Temperature control

Heated truck seats can be a great way to increase driver comfort during cold weather, and can help to relax tired muscles in the shoulders and back. With that said, in the blistering heat of the average summer, they can be something of a white elephant, especially if your route takes you across arid central regions of the country.

Seats with both heating and cooling facilities are therefore most effective for increasing the comfort of the interstate driver. Most cooled seats can be run from standard electrical hookups, but the most powerful cooled seats are fitted with robust liquid cooling rigs to provide maximum comfort.

Massage functions

Installing a truck seat with in-built massage functions may seem like unnecessary luxury to more hard-bitten drivers, but these devices serve a genuinely practical purpose by increasing blood circulation and decreasing muscle tension during long journeys. They are particularly effective when combined with seat heating functions, and do a great deal to prevent soreness and stiffness, particularly when leaving your cab and standing up after long stationary periods. 


Most truck seats designed for long-haul drivers come fitted with armrests, which can be helpful for decreasing muscle tension in the arms after long periods of steering and switching gears. Wile some of these seats are fitted with armrests on both sides for maximum comfort, some drivers find that this obstructs proper gear usage, and makes rotating in their seat to reach equipment and controls more difficult -- consider a single-armrest model if you wish to strike a balance between comfort and accessibility.