Excavator Hire: 3 Terms and Conditions to Dig Up in the Service or Rental Contract

When attempting to excavate a large area of land or remove compact soil or surfaces, you'll gain a lot more traction and speed things along by working with an excavator hire. The different attachments for excavators enhance their versatility and their ability to take on numerous jobs. Before signing any service or rental contracts, take a closer look at the following 3 terms and conditions.

Terms Involving Terminating the Contract Early or Extending It

It's not unusual to run into delays. The project is usually not going to run along as smoothly as you planned. Circumstances might also change, and you might no longer need the excavator any longer. The contract agreement usually specifies a certain timeline. Consider whether the contract is flexible before you sign and whether you can expect to pay any hefty penalties should you decide to terminate the contract early or need to extend it until a later date. A flexible contract will ensure that the excavator hire will work on your schedule and not the other way around.

Terms Related to Responsibilities with Servicing and Maintenance

One of the main benefits of renting an excavator instead of purchasing one for yourself is the fact that you won't be held responsible for the majority of the servicing and maintenance costs. Take a good look at the rental contract to determine what your responsibilities are. For example, consider whether you will be responsible for keeping up with overall usage and for bringing the excavator in for servicing or whether the rental company will take care of everything for you. If you're renting the excavator for long periods of time, consider whether all servicing and maintenance costs are covered by the rental company.

Conditions for Insuring the Machinery

In most situations, most excavator hires will provide insurance for the machinery and the labour; however, you might wish to purchase additional insurance coverage upon seeing the type and amount of coverage that is already offered. Some excavator hires will charge you an added fee for insurance. To determine whether the insurance charge added is reasonable or not, keep this rule of thumb in mind. The insurance cost is usually approximately $10 for every $1,000 of the excavator's average value.


An excavator hire can move your project along much more quickly, and get some jobs done in no time. Still, make sure that you agree with all of the terms and conditions of the service or rental contract; otherwise, you might find yourself facing additional unexpected charges and penalties that can easily increase overall costs.