4 Things to Think About Next Time You're Hiring an Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving equipment is usually extremely useful in construction sites. However, before you rush to hire any earthmoving equipment for your next construction project, it's important to understand that not all of this equipment is designed for the same task. Therefore, you need to consider some factors before deciding whether to hire an excavator, a scraper, a dumper track, a bulldozer, or a backhoe loader among other earthmoving equipment. If you are hiring for the first time, this can be a challenge so here are some tips to help you.

Evaluate Your Project Needs

First, consider what you intend to remove from the site before you hire an earthmoving equipment. For instance, will the earthmoving have to break pavements, heavy rocks, or remove big trees from the site? Excavators are oftentimes better suited for such purposes. However, for the excavator to be able to handle such materials, you need one with specialised attachments such as breakers.

Look at the Ground Conditions at Your Construction Site

The ground conditions will affect things such as the manoeuvrability of the earthmoving equipment so you must be extremely keen on this. For instance, articulated trucks and wheel tractor trailers are some of the commonly used earthmoving equipment at construction sites. Choosing between these two depends on the type of soil on the ground. Typically, tractor scrapers are ideal for use on loam and sandy soils. This is because these types of soils or materials spread easily. Therefore, loading or moving the materials will be much faster. This will not be the same case when you are working on a site with rocky materials or wet clay because the scraper will have a hard time pulling through such soils. This also means loading the materials will take a longer time. For such materials, consider an articulated truck instead.

Consider the Amount of Space You Have On-Site

Limited space means limited manoeuvrability. Therefore, when hiring an earthmoving material, such as an excavator, and you feel there are some tight spaces that the equipment may have to manoeuvre, go for one with the shortest tail swing.

Look at the Weather

The weather can interfere with the ground conditions, which can in turn affect the effectiveness of the earthmoving equipment. For instance, in case in starts raining and you had hired a tractor scraper, the loading or removing of materials will be affected because of the resultant wet and sloppy conditions. Therefore, if you are unsure of how the weather will be, it is often recommended to hire an articulating truck, which can work well even in poor ground conditions such as where there's limited traction.