Tips to Save Money When You're Hiring Mobile Cranes for Emergency Jobs

Mobile cranes are a perfect choice for emergency jobs because they can be quickly delivered to the jobsite and set up in no time. Because mobile crane hire in emergency situations normally costs extra, any price-savvy contractor would want to know how they can hire the right equipment, but still save money. 

As a contractor, you can save cash when renting mobile cranes by following these tips.

Narrow your search to rental companies local to your jobsite

If you want to save some cash when you are renting a mobile crane, you should focus your search to crane rental companies local to your jobsite. You'll be charged for travel expenses, and the shorter the distance between a rental company's offices and your jobsite, the less you'll have to pay for delivery service, generally speaking. 

Consider renting from companies with a larger fleet

Generally speaking, crane rental companies that maintain a larger fleet have the advantage of renting out cranes at a relatively lower price because they enjoy economies of scale. Therefore, you should consider how big or small the fleet of mobile cranes offered for rental by a company is because you can pay discounted rates by simply opting for a company with a larger fleet. 

Dry hire, if you can 

When hiring mobile cranes, contractors usually have two options: to wet hire or dry hire.  Wet hiring involves renting the equipment with operators. It is also known as manned rental. On the other hand, dry hiring, also referred to as bare rental, involves renting the equipment without operators. If you already have a team trained and experienced in-house operators, you can save lots of money by opting for bare (unmanned) rental.

Schedule your work

Having a clear plan of work before renting a mobile crane can save you time and money. Discuss with your project manager exactly when you will need to start using the equipment so that you can have it delivered to the jobsite on a just-in-time basis. Also, keep in mind that your equipment renter will charge you based on how long you use the equipment, so you should come up with a working schedule that minimises machine idle time. 

By minimising machine idle time, you maximise uptime, meaning you will be able to complete jobs in record time, thus saving on rental costs. 

These tips can save you money when you are hiring mobile cranes, but can also be effective when you want to hire other types of crane equipment.