Project Specific Excavators You Can Consider For Earthmoving

If you are making plans to embark on an earthmoving project, excavator hire may be your top priority to help you with the process. These types of equipment are extremely versatile and can be utilised for an assortment of applications ranging from digging, dredging, material handling and more. Nonetheless, to make the most of your excavator hire, you need to know what project specific excavator would suit your needs. Standard excavators may be suitable for routine landscaping, but if your site is swampy or perhaps you have limited mobility, then you would have to narrow down your options and choose an excavator that would be able to meet your requirements. Below are a few of the different project specific excavators that you can consider for earthmoving:

Swamp excavators for earthmoving

If your property has experienced severe water ingress, perhaps through a burst water line or heavy rainfall, you would need to hire an excavator that can function in this environment. A swamp excavator is an amphibious type of earthmoving equipment that is capable of digging on both dry and wet land. It is particularly beneficial for dredging projects. The swamp excavator is fitted with specialised tracks that give it the ability to navigate in water, so you would not have to worry about water damage.

Knuckle boom excavators for earthmoving

This type of earthmoving equipment is characterised by having an additional joint on its boom arm, which is not found on standard excavators. The inclusion of the joint function to provide enhanced mobility to the excavator as it becomes capable of a wider scope of movement during earthmoving. If you are excavating around large obstructions on your property that you would not want to eliminate such as trees or boulders, the knuckle boom excavator would be best suited for your earthmoving project. Additionally, this type of excavator would also be convenient when working in cramped areas that would limit the movement of the equipment.

Mini excavators for earthmoving

A mini excavator is quite similar to a standard excavator, with the main difference being that it is smaller in stature. These types of earthmoving equipment are best suited for DIY projects in small yards as it is capable of navigating in tight spaces. They also tend to be more affordable when compared to larger pieces of equipment, ideal for homeowners on a modest budget. If you are looking to engage in small-scale hardscaping, landscaping or digging, this would be the right earthmoving equipment for your needs.