Why an Order Picking License Is Ideal for New Forklift Drivers

Working in a warehouse environment, especially one that handles distribution of goods, means having the option of several different positions to apply for. Of those positions, forklift drivers have one of the higher paid and more sought after career options. The problem is, you must have a forklift licence in order to apply for these positions. If you have little to no experience, you may be wondering where to start and if a forklift truck or order picking licence is best for you. Here are three reasons why an order picking forklift licence may be the ideal choice for a new forklift driver like yourself.

Experience on the Job

One of the benefits to choosing the order picking licence as a new forklift driver is the ability to gain experience while working. This licence allows you to apply for positions in the warehouse that deal with moving orders, picking orders from large storage areas, and moving those orders for packaging and shipping. This means controlling the forklift in various situations and tight areas. That experience will not only look good on your resume, but it will also help you gain experience that other forklift drivers who went for the forklift truck licence directly may not have.

Career Options

For many forklift drivers, order picking is an ideal starting point. Order picking lets you get hands-on experience while being paid, and the time to decide if you want to advance in the forklift field or stay where you are. For example, you may decide that the job in order picking is more secure or that it has less stress for you in contrast to the forklift truck licence position. You may also find that the order picking licence opens up further career options for you than the forklift truck option would. By going with the order picking option, you can truly see what the career is about and where it can take you based on your experience on the job.

Seasonal Job Increase

You may find that the order picking licence allows you to take advantage of busier holiday seasons that experience more orders. As the increase in orders come in, you may find that companies offer increased hours and bonuses as well. Having the order picking licence may place you ahead on the seasonal job increase list over someone who has a forklift truck licence but little to no experience in order picking directly. This can bring in an increased amount of income by offering the ability to work with temporary hire companies if your company has employment issues or has slow seasons with reduced hours.

These are just three of the reasons to consider an order picking licence before a forklift truck licence if you are a new to forklift driving. There are other reasons that may apply to your personal life and career desires as well. If you are ready to take the course, find a testing company like All Onsite Training and Assessment near you for pricing and registration.