Why a Bobcat Should be the First Piece of Equipment You Hire for Landscaping

If you are taking on large landscaping projects, then you want to make sure you have the right equipment. You also want to make sure you have equipment that can multitask. One option is to go with a bobcat. These pieces of machinery can be expensive, especially if you only plan on using it for a one time massive landscaping project. Instead of buying it, you can use a bobcat hire instead. Before you visit the equipment hire, here are some reasons why the bobcat should the first piece of equipment you consider.

Land Clearing

One of the main uses for bobcat equipment in landscaping is to clear land. You do not have to have a large amount of land to clear. You may just have an overgrown garden area that takes up a quarter of an acre. You may also have a large area on the back of property that needs to be cleared. Regardless of the size of the land, a bobcat can easily clear the area. If there are trees and brush, you can get attachments to clear the land as well. This can make easy work of areas that may differ in vegetation and growth so that the entire area can be cleared at once with one piece of equipment.

Leveling the Land

Once the land is cleared, you will need to level it. If this is residential property you will need to level the land for driveways, building foundations, and other landscaping upgrades. You can level out the land with the same bobcat you used to clear the land. You will need a new attachment to help with leveling the area. This attachment can be placed on he bobcat easily. YOu can also rent the attachments you need for land leveling from your local bobcat equipment hire. If you are unsure of how to change out the attachment for land leveling, a contractor assistant at the equipment hire can show you.


If you plan on adding gardens, planting crops, or creating ditches for water run off then you need to trench the area. This trenching can be done manually, but the job can be done faster with the right bobcat and bobcat attachment. A trenching attachment can help you handle everything you need to create trenches for irrigation, drainage, and gardening or crop planting. The trenching tool can also help create trenches around buildings to help with reducing erosion or to create drainage flow ditches.

Before you start an equipment hire contract, make sure map out your landscaping project plans. Take the plans with you to your local equipment hire to make sure that the bobcat you are renting is the one you will need. Also, make sure there are no further pieces of equipment that may be idea to have for the landscaping project you have in mind.