Two tips for the quick and easy construction of a large commercial garden

Whilst constructing a large commercial garden is a big undertaking, there are things that those involved can do to make this process relatively quick and easy.

Transport the crushed rock and bricks with an excavator rather than a wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are often used to transport the materials needed for small garden construction projects. However, if a sizeable commercial garden needs to be created, this equipment should be replaced by an excavator.

There are many reasons why this heavy construction equipment should be used in these circumstances. Firstly, big commercial gardens often feature lots of pathways that are edged with bricks and paved with crushed rock. As such, these heavy and fairly bulky materials need to be used in large quantities. Wheelbarrows are simply not spacious enough to quickly transport generous amounts of these materials, and the process of using them to do this is often quite labour-intensive and likely to result in spillages.

If, for example, a person is transporting a pile of crushed rock in a wheelbarrow and they trip or lean too far to their left or right, they might spill the contents of the wheelbarrow onto the ground and then have to spend the next 10 or 20 minutes shovelling the rock back into the equipment. An excavator, on the other hand, is far less tiring to operate (meaning the speed of the work won't be affected by the driver getting worn out and slowing down), can carry much bigger loads of crushed rocks and bricks in one go and is a lot less likely to lead to spillages that could take a long time to clean up, because the equipment is always extremely stable when it's in motion.

Use a grader instead of a gravel rake to quickly level out the pathways

Another laborious aspect of this type of garden construction project is the levelling of the numerous gravel pathways. However, using a grader rather than a gravel rake for this task could contribute to the speedy completion of this construction project. This is a type of heavy construction equipment that is designed to create smooth and even gradients. Due to the fact that it is powerful and very wide, it can cover far more ground than a person using a gravel rake can.

If a person who is managing this type of project decides to rent this equipment, they should pick a grader whose blade is the same width as the pathways they will be driven across. This will ensure that the equipment perfectly levels the entire width of the pathway as it drives over it, rather than leaving bumpy areas which then need to be smoothed out later.