How Your Construction Job Dictates The Type Of Cranes You Need

Whether you are installing a little playground for your children or beginning work on a highrise in the centre of a major city, lots of construction jobs require cranes of all different shapes and sizes. If you have never used or hired a crane before you may be unfamiliar with what type you should be getting. It is important you make the right choice or you could be left with something that is nothing more than an obstacle that prevents you from any forward progress in your build at all. To figure out what crane you need, here are three factors in your construction job that you need to analyse.

Size Of The Space

Cranes can be huge, but not all of them are, which is something that you can easily forget if you are new to this industry. There are many mobile cranes that are surprisingly nimble and can navigate even the tightest of urban areas and construction sites. If you have a smaller area to work with, you need to look for cranes that might be a bit smaller, that have telescopic heads and a strong motor. Sometimes these smaller cranes might take longer to do the job but seeing as they are the only cranes that will fit onto the property you have to make do.

Type Of Ground

Conversely, if you are building on rougher terrain that has a lot of inclines, slopes, uneven surfaces and mud then you need to prioritise a crane with large tires, good traction, some kind of anchoring technique. It should also lift all the items you need. These more hardy cranes are rarer and can cost more, but for many rural constructions, they are the only feasible way to lift anything at all.


From ute cranes that fit on the back of your truck to stationary cranes that tower hundreds of metres into the air, there are lots of options for how high you can go. However, while you should get a crane that reaches the maximum height you need, you also should consider the minimum height. Some bigger cranes can't easily lift materials into smaller spaces that are closer to the ground. For instance, if you need to get something through a window or open wall on a third storey building then one of those major tower cranes won't be any help. Though the maximum height needed is important, you may need two cranes if the minimum height is quite low.